Thursday, September 23, 2010

Amanita Muscaria information from erowid

Family :Amanitaceae
Genus :Amanita
Species :cothurnata; gemmata; muscaria; pantherina; regalis
Psychoactive Amanitas are mushrooms which contain the psychoactive chemicals ibotenic acid and muscimol. They have a long history of use in Asia and Northern Europe. They are best known for their distinctive appearance (bright reds and yellows with white spots).
There are many species of mushrooms in the Amanita genus which are not psychoactive. Some are deadly poisonous while others are edible.

euphoria: feelings of peace and well being
marked analgesia (pain relief)
physical relaxation / dream state: (during the sedative effects) can be highly detailed, colorful, and have a great sense of clarity and lucidity. Some people describe these as being similar to Lucid Dreaming. Some describe them as Out of Body Experiences (OOBEs). As with normal dreams, the Amanita Dream State can consist of a wide variety of experiences.
internal dialogue: some people report a strong sense of an internal discussion, a feeling of being able to think through personal issues. Others report a significant reduction of internal dialogue, sense of peacefulness, and internal quiet.
synesthesia: is somewhat common, smelling words, tasting colors, etc.
clarity: Often no interference with memory or logic: many report strong "clarity of thought" and "stillness of mind". Others report mild to strong confusion.
internal focus: Difficulty in focusing concentration on external tasks. Increased focus on internal imagination, imagery, day dreams.
sociability: Group interaction can become incoherent: "conversational weirdness", frequent changes in topic, "non-linear conversations"
sexual feelings: Some people report increased sexual feelings, others report very unsexual emotional and sensual distance / coldness.
sedative or sleepy effects. others report excitation and extreme energy bursts.
changes in body perception: effects may include dramatic shifts in body perception and motor skills including perceived changes in size of body parts, increased strength, dizziness, clumsiness, change in proprioception.
slightly blurred vision, watery eyes, runny nose.
loss of Equilibrium
pupil dilation, glassy eyed stare
Mild to moderate to extreme nausea or stomach discomfort/cramps, increases with dosage.
muscle twitching and trembling (not convulsions)
increased salivation and perspiration.
strong dissociation and delirium at high doses
Stages: Some people describe three stages of effects: first the nausea / body effects stage, the second sedated / dreamy state, and the third stage during which the active psychedelic effects predominate.

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